WP AMP for WordPress and WooCommerce 9.3.35


WP AMP is a powerful WordPress plugin that generates AMP versions of web pages, delivering lightning-fast loading speeds on mobile devices. Enhance your site’s mobile performance and user experience with WP AMP.

In the current fast-paced digital world, the speed of mobile performance is crucial. WP AMP, a popular WordPress plugin, provides a seamless solution to enhance mobile loading times by creating Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

What is an AMP?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, an open-source initiative that creates lightweight versions of web pages specifically designed for quick loading on mobile devices.

1. Create AMP Pages with Customization Options

The plugin allows the customization of AMP pages. The plugin offers various customization options, allowing you to harmonize the appearance of your AMP pages with your website’s overall aesthetics. You can easily customize elements such as the logo, colors, and fonts used on your AMP pages, ensuring a consistent brand experience across all platforms.

2. Efficiently Manage AMP Pages

With the plugin, you can exclude specific pages or posts from being converted into AMP, tailoring the AMP experience to suit your website’s unique requirements. Additionally, WP AMP includes the option to add canonical links to your AMP pages.

3. Integration with WordPress Ecosystem

WP AMP is designed to seamlessly integrate with other WordPress plugins and themes, allowing you to enhance the mobile experience without compromising functionality or design.


In conclusion, this WordPress plugin, you can create AMP versions of your website pages, provide an enhanced user experience, and cater to the increasing mobile audience. Efficient management features and seamless integration within the WordPress ecosystem further solidify WP AMP as a top choice for website owners and developers.


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